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Mother India Magazine’s most important section is it’s crime news section , in which we serves our readers the crime news which acquires the headlines of print media as well as electronic media .We provide our readers the whole consecution of the incidents. The detail news helps them to understand the event. Our crime news section covers all state crime news and national crime news like murder, kidnapping, fraud, rape, exploitation, rape, robbery, accidents etc.

Now a days crimes are rapidly increasing in India, specially in the capital of India, Delhi. Not a single day comes in our office that we are not receiving the crime news. Police are dedicated to their work to reduce crime.

Our chief editor always focuss this crime through editorial, in which the facts behind crime mentioned. Criminals are not born, the situations make them criminal. Like poverty, illeteracy, unemployment and much more such problems. If we remove this from our society then automatically crime will be reduced.

People should also understand lesson from the increasing crime that their child should not be diverted by this way. Parents should tkae watch to their childen, What are his/her friend circle. Is he addict of any type of intoxication. It is very necessery because it can spoil the life of your child.

Changing lifestyle is also a factor in increasing crime. Specially youngsters are affected by this. So parents should make aware to their children that they should not accept such a lifestyle which may harm their life.


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